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BSIF Newsletter 2018-2019

The annual BSIF newsletter for the 2018-2019 academic year. Check out all of BSIF’s accomplishments for the year!

SMIFC Apple Valuation 2018

An equity research report crafted by Danny D’Nagy and Ben Wingo, their paper took second place honors at the annual Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIFC) conference held in Chicago, IL. Sixteen papers from a field of 25 universities were presented at the conference.

CFA Research Challenge Paper 2017

This equity research report on Spire Energy was Truman’s 2017 submission to the CFA Research Challenge and was authored by Shane Legatzke, Annali Cler, and Anthony Hill. The team won first place in the St. Louis region of the competition. This report was created for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.  Copyright: CFA Institute.

Macroeconmic Report Fall 2016

BSIF’s Fall 2016 Economic Report, created by Evan Dake and team.

Macroeconomic Report Spring 2016

BSIF’s Spring 2016 Economic Report, prepared by a team led by David Newell, focused on Fed Policy, macro trends in Europe and China, and domestic sector-specific analysis.

Macroeconomic Report Fall 2015

The BSIF Investment Environment Team, led by Sophomore VP of Investment Environment David Newell, assembled a comprehensive Macroeconomic Report to aid our Student Analysts in researching diverse segments of the economy.  Their research is summarized in this edition of the biannual Economic Report.

CFA Institute Research Challenge Written Report 2015

This report, compiled by Student Analysts Lasse Fuss, David Shoko, and Sam Lohmeyer was submitted as a competitive entry into the CFA Institute Research Challenge Local Competition hosted by the CFA Society of St. Louis.  The equity valuation report covers Express Scripts Holding Company.  This report and the presentation that accompanied it ranked first in the Local Competition.  This report was created for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.  Copyright: CFA Institute.

CFA Institute Research Challenge Presentation Slide Deck 2015

These slides accompany the above written report on Express Scripts Holding Company.

Behavioral Economics Applied in Investment Decisions

This presentation was given to members of the Bulldog Student Investment Fund on April 8, 2015 by Lasse Fuss, VP of Investment Environment.  The focus of the presentation was how Behavioral Economics impact stock selection and investment decision making, with special emphasis on how the BSIF can benefit by remaining conscious of various biases, irrationality, and fallacies that harm investors in seeking to maximize their returns and invest logically.