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The Bulldog Student Investment Fund is a student organization made possible through the generosity of  The Truman State University Foundation, Alumni, Corporate Sponsors, Students,  and other interested individuals who believe in the value of the experiential learning conducted by students, for the benefit of students.  The BSIF is not a class, it is not an internship, it is not a job.  BSIF Student Analysts are hard-working, high-performing, passionate individuals dedicated to the mission and objective of the organization.  The personal responsibility is taken up by each Student Analyst of the BSIF across 8 academic majors, five different nationalities, from every level of experience ranging from Freshmen through Graduate students, provides the BSIF’s unique backbone of investing from multiple perspectives.  Without support from our donors, there would be no opportunity for these students to practice their trade with such an impact on the Truman community.

 The Bulldog Student Investment Fund would like to thank the following donors for their continuing support:

The Truman State University Foundation

Truman State University School of Business

Melinda and Travis McCubbin


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